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Safari-style retreats

Are they rooms? Somehow ‘room’ is too formal a word. This is a unique form of secluded, cosy accommodation. The nearest equivalent might be a Kenyan luxury safari tent, but, as our pictures show, these are far more than tents. Instead of solid, enclosing walls, you have the organic flow of canvas around you, immediately softening the environment.

Bask in your Jacuzzi, gazing to the stars. Flop on your bed, and watch the sunset through the folds of your canvas door. Life at Perdue cannot help but relax you.

There are only eight of these capacious cocoons. Under-18s are not allowed at Perdue. And the casual passer-by will scarcely notice the entrance to the path down to the hotel. You really are part of a quiet, restful community of people who treasure tranquillity, nature and restful reflection above all things.

Although this hotel is beautiful, romantic and relaxing, it is sadly not suitable for those with mobility issues.